Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cleaning the inside of your computer case

Required Materials

  1. Roll of paper towels
  2. Bottle of compressed air
  3. Isotropic/rubbing Alcohol (90-95%)
  4. Container of q-tips
  5. Small Table
  6. Screw driver
  7. Bathroom paper cup

Note- Due to the fact that dust will be flying everywhere, it is a good idea to take your computer outside during the cleaning process. In addition, when spraying your computer's ventilation fans, hold down the fan blades with your finger.

     This keeps the fan from spinning to fast and wearing out. Worn out fans make your computer extremely loud and annoying. To clean your computer case with the compressed air most efficiently keep the bottle in its upright position and use short concentrated bursts of air to remove dust.
I recommend that you clean your computer at least once every six months. To keep your computer clean place your computer on top of your desk to increase air circulation

Warning- Static electricity destroys computer components. Do NOT use a household vacuum to clean your computer case! When cleaning, do not stick your fingers in or around the power supply. Instead, hold down the power supply fan with your q-tip.

     Cleaning the inside of the case is important because a healthy computer needs to have good ventilation and a fresh supply of air. Computers draw in cool air from outside of the case and remove hot air generated by components out of the back of the case. After dust and other materials start to accumulate, components that produce a lot of heat do not receive the fresh supply of air they need to function. As a result, these components might overheat and cause computer failure.

Computer Case Cleaning Steps

  1. Unplug all of your computer's cables and lay them on the table.
  2. Unscrew each side panel of your computer's case so that dust can be efficiently removed and place your computer in its normal upright position on the table.
  3. Remove both side panels.
  4. With your can of compressed air, begin cleaning the top portion of your computer case and slowly move down to the bottom components. This method pushes all of the dust toward the bottom of the case and then easily removed.
  5. Make sure to cover all of the major components: the video card and its fan, the CPU, fans connected to the side panels, around the motherboard (hold down fan blades with your finger)
  6. Turn toward the back end of your computer case and blow air into all of the connectors and other end of the fan.
  7. After you have removed most of the dust spray the case from top to bottom one last time.
  8. To remove the second layer of dust take your paper towels or q-tips and lightly dab them with the alcohol. Use the paper towels to clean your computer's case and the q-tips to clean the small spaces on the inside of the case.
  9. Double check that all computer components are secure and reattach both of the side case panel.
    10. Reconnect all of your computer's connection cables.

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